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Strawberries Galore at Big4

We are very excited to welcome back to the park this year – Strawberries Galore.

Every year Milton and his family venture up from South Australia to set up their van for the winter months in the park offering a mouth-watering array of delicious treats including: pancakes, milkshakes, coffees and the crowd most importantly – sweet, juicy strawberries.

Some return guests just chose the time when Milton is here for their holidays just so they won’t miss out!

Come and enjoy your treats!


  • Australian Tourism Awards
  • 2017 Brolga Award Winner
  • 2018 Caravan & Camping Readers Choice Top 10 Award
  • BIG4 2005 Excellence
  • WEBkey Accredited
  • starratingsaustralia gold list
  • Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2019